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Using Antiques With Contemporary Interior Design

Many home owners, who have opted for a contemporary look in their homes, hesitate to add antiques to their interiors. They fear that these pieces require the perfect setting to show them off to advantage and ‘contemporary’ is just not the right one. However, this is not really true. Antiques add charm and elegance to every decor and setting. A contemporary interior design can also be enhanced with an antique piece and the combination can give your room a distinct appearance. If you are looking to add a sophisticated touch to your interiors, while lending it an old world charm, then adding some antiques in a contemporary environment might just be the thing to do.

Minimalist Setting as the Perfect Backdrop

A common style followed for a contemporary look is the minimalist design. This design breaks down forms and structures into their basic shapes. A single unifying color may be used throughout the room. This forms an ideal backdrop for an antique or quality reproduction item. Bold heavily distressed are ideal focal points and can be used as pieces of art in an otherwise minimalist room design. These pieces give balance to the clinical atmosphere of the contemporary minimalist design and impart warmth to the surroundings.

Functional vs. Form

You will find that ‘form’ is the basis of many contemporary styles as opposed to functionality. Decorative items may be chosen more for their alignment with the overall shapes and forms to make up a modern room’s interior. Adding a few functional antique pieces not just alleviates the monotony of the interiors, but also serves useful purpose. Pick out some chest of drawers, a table with ornately carved legs or even an antique wall stand to store your books, prop the phone, or hold the refreshments. Using antiques in a contemporary environment in this way ensures that you make best use of the available space within the room.

Use Antiques to Mix and Match Styles

At times you want to give a modern-vintage look to a room, but you also want to personalize it so that it looks and feels special. When you add antiques in a contemporary setting, you get a beautiful fusion of two contrasting styles. To subdue the opulence that chunky Shabby Chic furniture pieces add to a room design, you can pair them with modern accessories. Or, you can add a touch of variety to the uniformity of modern design with some delicately carved wooden and metal wall ornaments / mirrors. In this way, you can create a truly unique look for your home by bringing in the right mix of old and the new.

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